Our Story

About Ndakaw

Born in Kumba, The Republic of Cameroon from two wonderful parents. At the age of five years, I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. Growing up with Sickle Cell Disease has a young boy has not been easy. 

Because some family and friends tell me that I will never live to see my 21st birthday.


 Some family members ask my mom to throw me into the river; they said I was an evil child. I was constantly being referred as a walking corpse on the street by some family and friends. It made me be scared of going into a gathering or walking around freely.


 Many people who knew that I had Sickle Cell Disease made me feel like I will be gone very soon. The always try to make me not to go after my dreams, because as for them, the is no need going after my goals by a person who will die very soon. Some told my parents not to waste their money on me because I will not live to see my 21st birthday.


 Most of my female dates will abandon me once she knew I am a Sickle Cell Patient, this experience transforms my thinking about dating. It made me not to trust any lady I was into a relationship due to the fear of being abandoned because of my health. It forced me to live a dissolute lifestyle, wish was not my character.


 All these things make me feel as if I have no reason to live in this world. But I thank God for my parents who believe in me. There will give me encouragement whenever I am in crises. Most of the nurses who took great care of me whenever I am in crises made me to improved faster than those nurses who did not care on my condition, but rather for the money.

All this experience made me to understand that given great care to any individuals that may need it at a particular time will help improve the health of that individual.


With all this, I made a promise to create a great health care company which will employ great employees who has passion for their job.

It warms my heart immensely and brings such feeling of pleasure to see people achieve and own their happiness. It's all about the way we see things and the decisions we make.


 This is WHY I DO WHAT I DO. I want to create great organization and employ passionate employees who will assist others to live their life to the fullest no matter their circumstances. I have been able to take my life experiences, enormous hurt, and fear, and turn it into something incredibly astonishing and successful. 

With a great passion for entrepreneurship, start ups as well as non-profit organizations. I love to provide great care for individuals with disabilities. Doing that assists me and keeps me motivated every day to see other lives their life to the fullest no matter their circumstances.